Elevator Ads

Exclusively for neighbourhoods in Malaysia only

Elevator advertising is highly sought after by the commercials in a community as it allows advertisers to run their ads campaigns aiming at the right people of the right location.

By providing your elevator space to i-AD, you can sit back, relax and expect
extra passive income for your neighbourhood.

Our Media Partner

Tiny Giants Media
For Elevator Space Provider
Enhanced Content
As an i-AD Elevator Space Provider, your neighbourhood elevators will be displaying ads that are specially planned for your residents, visitors and staffs. Ads selected with relevant information will be shown and provide your audience with the contents that they are interested in.
Customized & Personalised
When a neighbourhood signs up with i-AD, you get to customize where you want the ADs to be displayed from the options we provide. You do not need to pay any cost but only providing us the space and we will do the rest for you.
Extra Passive Income
i-AD works with Tiny Giants, a local media company specialises in residential advertisement. Providing your elevator space to i-AD and you can save all the hassles looking for advertisers. If you are an i-Neigbour subscriber, you can use the income earnt to pay for your the subscription fee, add-up services such as payment gateway and IoT etc.
Add Value To Your Community
Informative and relevant ads, topped with additional income for your neighbourhood. Becoming an i-AD Space Provider is undoubtedly adding value to your neighbourhood and tighten the connection between your residents with the local community.

Note: You don't have to be i-Neighbour Subscriber.

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Massive Exposure
Besides publishing your ads on our web and mobile app, now you target your OFFLINE ads based on building, location or apartment tier too. i-AD has connections with residential and commercials high rise buildings in Malaysia that can meet your targeting metrics.
Location Oriented
We place ads in evelators of residential condominiums and bring your brand from ground to the top floor. Your business will be the first & last thing our audience will see in a captive environment on the way in and out of their homes.
Significant Impact
Your business gets noticed by residents and their visitors in your selected location, building or apartment tiers. A resident uses elevator averagely 4 times per day, each ride lasts approximately 18 to 60 seconds and averagely a resident will have 2 visitors per week. Imagine the impact your ads can bring to your business.
Easy to Start, 24/7 Support
To start your ad campaign is extremely easy and the cost is low. Prepare a A3 vertical size ads artwork, specify your target location/building, pay by monthly and we will put up the ads for you.
Low Cost
Cost per resident per month ranges between RM0.28 - RM0.85 depending on the density of the building and price range. Higher end condos have lower densities hence higher costs to reach each resident.
Massive Impact
A resident uses elevator averagely 4 times per day and each ride lasts approximately 18 to 60 seconds.
Right Audience
You can target your audience precisely based on building, location or apartment tier!