i-AD Features

i-AD comes with useful and state-of-the-art features that make advertising in web/mobile cloud application easier and more effective. Check out our features below!
i-AD for Space Providers
Ads Space Selection
Space Providers can choose among the spaces that are designated to show the advertisements.
Displayed Ads Filter
Space providers can filter the content of the ads displayed on their space. As such, i-AD will only display relevant ads to your space and the contents will definitely be informative to your users.
Easily Pay Subscription Fee
Space providers can offset their subscription fee using income generated from displaying ads just by selecting "Pay by i-AD Credit" option while making payment.
Transfer Extra Income
Space providers can transfer extra income to their authorised Paypal account.
i-AD Stat Instant Update
Space providers can know how many clicks and views you have got from displaying ads on your spaces at i-AD Stat. Analytical reports will be shown there to display your space performance.
i-AD for Advertisers
Target Suitable Audience
Advertisers can choose suitable cloud applications to display their ads. You can target on users of particular software application. For example, if you are in a community restaurant, you can choose within i-Neighbour to target users from the community or people who are just visiting the community.
AD Easy Start!
To start a campaign in i-AD is extremely easy. We provide ad creation tool - i-AD Tool for free. You can start the campaign with any budget, stop and resume at anytime you want.
Create Text AD with i-AD
You can create your advertisement in text easily with i-AD. We also provide a list of online banner creators that you can use to create image/animation AD.
Pay for Results
Payment is easy and you only need to pay for results.
View AD Performance
Login to your i-AD Advertiser account to view the performance of your ad instantly. You can clearly view how much is your budget left as well as how many clicks and views your ad has generated in our i-AD Stat.
Change Ads Settings Anytime
You can always change your ads settings here to receive the best advertising results. Change time of ads, location, or even switch SaaS that you want to display your ads in.
Easy Plug In
i-AD is developed in order to be easily plugged into any web or mobile software application. We are ready in both iOS and Android version and are always happy to customise our program to suit your needs.
24/7 Support System
Our support team is ready to help you 24/7, 365 a year. Just email to support@iadhub.com and we will get back to you ASAP. You can also live chat with us via SKYPE.
Mobile App for Convenience
Manage ads from your smartphones and receive updates.
Multiple languages are available in the App. (Both mobile and web versions.)