3 easy steps to
Earn Money from i-AD
Become an i-AD Space Provider
Do I need to join i-Neighbour as a member?
Yes, you need to have an i-Neighbour community account in order to become an i-AD Space Provider.
Apart from that, you will need to have consent of the residents before signing up with i-AD because once a community has become an i-AD Space Provider, residents and visitors within all units in your community can see the information provided by i-AD. 
As such, please inform your residents that your community will be getting profit in displaying advertisements from i-AD and the fact that residents can maybe even enjoy i-Neighbour services for FREE using the income generated from i-AD!
1 Step 1: Register or Sign Up using i-Neighbour account
At "Join i-AD", click "Ad Space Provider Sign Up", if you already have an i-Neighbour account and just sign up using that account. If not, just fill up the simple form and register an i-Neighbour community account.
2 Step 2:Select your i-AD Settings at Dashboard
Click the "i-AD" button at the top menu of your dashboard. Next, click "Sign my community up as i-AD Space Provider". You will be prompted to key in the community email, password and Paypal account. After filling them up, you will officially be an i-AD Space Provider!
3 Step 3: Expect Passive Income from i-AD
You can customize your i-AD space settings by changing them in i-AD > Setting or just leave it as default settings. You can also check your i-AD income, called "i-AD Credit" at i-AD > i-AD Stat. Furthermore, you can use i-AD Credit to pay your i-Neighbour subscription fee or even withdraw it to your community Paypal account.

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