i-AD Implementation Guide for Advertiser
1. This is the Overview of Your Advertisements
2. Create AD
a.  Step 1: Fill up AD Setting

b.  Step 2 for Mobile AD - Fill up the form accordingly

c.  Step 2 for Web AD - Fill up the form accordingly

d.  Step 3 - If you choose AD from i-AD Library (image below will be shown if you haven't uploaded any image to your i-AD Library)

e.  Step 3 - If you upload AD directly, select your file accordingly.

f.  Step 3 - If you are creating a Text AD - Fill up the form accordingly.

g.   Step 3 - For advanced user who is uploading AD in HTML code, copy and paste your code in the provided field.

h.  Step 4 Fill up payment details for your AD

i.  Your AD will be up after reviewed by i-AD team!