i-AD Advertiser Payment Policy
Advertisers' Must-Know
Payment Method

Payments for your advertising fees can be made directly to TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd., our mother company.
i-AD Advertiser will be charged monthly as well as pay using the method below:
Auto-Debit through Braintree where the payment will be auto-deducted according to monthly usage from an authorized credit card.
For Malaysian Advertisers, all transactions will be using MYR (Malaysian Ringgit).
For Advertisers from other countries, all transactions will be using USD (US Dollar).
Payment Cycle
Payment cycle for all advertisers is per month according to monthly usage.
You can key in your daily budget and i-AD will run your Ads in your targeted SaaS until it reaches your budget.
Payment FAQs
If you would like to know more about i-AD Refund Policy, please go here.
Any issues or problems when using BrainTree services, please refer to this link.
Any problems with i-AD, please email to info@iadhub.com.

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