How does i-AD pay Space Provider?
Space Providers' Must-Know
Payment Method

Payments for your earnings from providing space to i-AD will be transferred to your i-AD Credit account directly.
You can use the i-AD Credit to pay for your neighbourhood i-Neighbour subscription fee. If there is still a balance after paying the subscription fee, then you can transfer the credit to your neighbourhood authorised Paypal account and withdraw it from there.
For Malaysian Advertisers, all transactions will be using MYR (Malaysian Ringgit).
For Advertisers from other countries, all transactions will be using USD (US Dollar).
Payment Cycle
Payment cycle for all space providers is per year following i-Neighbour subscription billing cycle.
Note that you must use the earnings to clear i-Neighbour Subscription Fee first then only you can withdraw the balance by transferring it to your neighbourhood authorised Paypal account.
Payment FAQs
If you would like to know more about i-AD Refund Policy, please go here.
Any issues or problems when using Paypal services, please refer to this link.
Any problems with i-AD, please email to

Learn more about Payment Policy here.