Why i-AD?

While managing your residence, you must consider all aspects that can benefit your community. 

Besides providing i-Neighbour, a reliable application to manage your residence, we also offer you a way to save money on i-Neighbour subscription fee by becoming an i-AD Space Provider. You may even earn some extra money for your community too!

For potential advertisers, you won't want to miss this golden opportunity to broadcast your business via our residential and location oriented App: i-Neighbour!
Enhanced Content
As an i-AD Space Provider, your community account will be displaying ads that are specially planned for your residents, visitors and staffs. Ads selected with relevant information will be shown and provide your audience with the contents that they are interested in.
Customized & Personalised
When a community signs up with i-AD, you get to customize the looks of your community ad space by choosing where you want the ADs to be displayed from the options we provide. You will be able to view the clicks and views generated by the ads from the dashboard page that is linked to i-AD instantly.
Extra Income
After paying i-Neigbour subscription fee, if there is extra money that your community has earned from i-AD, you can use it to pay for add-up services such as payment gateway, IoT etc. After paying all of the fees, you can also withdraw the balance of the income to your community authorized Paypal account for other usages as well.
Add Value To Your Community
Informative and relevant ads, topped with additional income for your community. Becoming an i-AD Space Provider is undoubtedly adding value to your community thus enhancing user experience within i-Neighbour!

Massive Exposure
i-AD publishes your advertisements on ad space in both web AND mobile applications that are viewed by visitors, residents, management and others.
Location Oriented
We display your ad according to location where people are using the applications. Your ad will be viewed when users are using i-Neighbour to look for products/services around the area of your business premise.
Right Customer at the Right Time
Your business gets noticed by people according to their behaviour/interest predicted by the nature of the applications that they are using.
Easy Set Up, 24/7 Support
It's cloud-based and you can manage your campaign all by yourself. But in case you need any assistance, please email us at info@iadhub.com.
you only pay for results!
No View or Click, No Fee
Signing up for i-AD is free, you only pay when your ad is viewed or clicked. In short, you only pay when your advertisement is working.
Start with any budget
How much you invest is up to you. Begin with a daily budget that you're comfortable with, and then adjust the amount as you go. You can also start as low as RM5 per day. Many businesses get off to a good start with a budget ranging from RM20-RM40 a day.
Let's Create an Ad for Your Business Now!
Open an account, set your budget, create your first ad and select your target locations. You can always fine-tune it later on.