i-AD Cloud Advertisement Solution
Generate Income By Becoming i-AD Space Provider
Get the opportunity to minimise your subscription fee or even make a profit to benefit your organisation by using our i-AD Platform for monetisation.

i-AD is an online advertising platform that works together with SaaS applications. By becoming an i-AD Space Provider, you allow i-AD to display advertisement on your application when your staffs, residents, or visitors are using it.

In short, i-AD is a simple and direct way of allowing you to make money online by providing ads space on your application account.
Reliable Ad Sources
i-AD works with online top advertising engine - Google AdSense to display advertisements on your app space. We also get Ads from i-Merchants, which consists of merchants from around the world and will recruit ads directly from i-AD too.
Decide Ads Space Yourself
You can decide where the ads will appear on your account (for both mobile and web version) from the options we provide. Higher visibility of the Ads will generate more income for you.
Check Status In Real Time
i-AD lets you view the clicks and views generated at i-AD Stat in real time 24/7. Income generated will be transferred to the i-AD Credit Account of your organisation. You can use it to pay your TimeTec app subscription to ease your organisation’s burden.
Earn Money Effortlessly
When the income generated from i-AD is more than your TimeTec App subscription fee, you can withdraw the extra money to your organisation registered Paypal account after you have paid the subscription fee.
You only need 2 things to become i-AD Space Provider.
A TimeTec Parking or i-Neighbour Account
Only the Organization Management can sign their company or community as an i-AD Space Provider. Please make sure that you've gotten the consent of the authority first.
Organization Authorised Paypal Account
Please provide a Paypal account that is authorized by the organization. (Note: When you withdraw credits from i-AD Credit Account, this is where i-AD will transfer the credits into.)

Sit back, relax and WATCH THE MONEY FLOWS IN.

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